Ripley County Farms, LLC

Ripley County Farms is a State-inspected, Wholesale Nursery producing hardwood seedlings primarily for the conservation and reforestation landowner. Our Midwestern seed sources are concentrated along the upper Mississippi (zone5) and Ohio's River basin (zone6). We also produce rooted and unrooted cuttings of hybrid poplars and cottonwoods.


Jan Wells

P O Box 614
Doniphan, Missouri  63935

Street Address:
*Rt. 3, Box 7966

United States

(573)996-3449 (Voice)
(573)996-3449 (Fax)

Member Since: 2008

Services Offered

Flowering Shrubs
Hedge Plants
Lining out Stock - Deciduous
Nut Trees
Ornamentals - Flowering Trees
Seedlings - Fruit Trees
Seedlings - Shade, Flowering Trees
Shade Trees
Small Fruit & Berry Plants

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