Native Forest Nursery

We are a wholesale grower of quality bare root liners and #3 air-pruned containers. We pride ourselves in the exceptional quality of liners in bare root and #3 containers. Our #3 containers are in root making pots, which promote lateral roots and prevent root wrapping and circling. We have a bare root liners that are top pruned and not top pruned. Our container stock consists mostly of Native species; however, we do carry a good number that is not. We also provide contract growing. Because we are a small family run business, we are able to provide outstanding products and excellent customer service. Attention to detail is extremely important to us. From the length of the roots to the height of the shoots, we take great pride in cultivating our plants in every aspect to meet our customer’s needs.


Paul Ensminger

11306 Hwy 411 South
Chatsworth, Georgia  30705

United States

(706)483-3397 (Voice)
(706)395-2998 (Fax)

Member Since: 2010

Services Offered

Container Plants
Flowering Shrubs
Lining out Stock - Deciduous
Lining Out Stock - Evergreens
Nut Trees
Ornamentals - Flowering Trees
Other (Specify)
Seedlings - Fruit Trees
Seedlings - Shade, Flowering Trees
Shade Trees
Small Fruit & Berry Plants

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